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The function is used to save a processes biodiversity portfolio to disk. In order to ensure interoperability with other geospatial software the only supported format is the GeoPackage. If any other format is chosen, the function will automatically replace the supplied file extension with '.gpkg'. The metadata of a portfolio together with the geometry will be written to a table called 'metadata'. All available and supported indicators, which are expected to be present as a nested list columns will be written to their own respective tables. In order to allow re-joining the metadata with the indicators, it is expected that a column called 'assetid' which uniquely identifies all assets is present. Usually, users do not have to take care of this since the usual {mapme.biodiversity} workflow will ensure that this columns is present. Additional arguments to st_write() can be supplied.


write_portfolio(x, dsn, overwrite = FALSE, ...)



A portfolio object processed with {mapme.biodiversity}


A file path for the output file. Should end with '.gpkg'


A logical indicating if the output file should be overwritten if it exists


Additional arguments supplied to st_write()


x, invisibly