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This resource is produced by a neirest-neighbour matching of a crowd-sourced campaign to map dominant driver of forest loss based on visual interpretation of VHR images matched with Global Forest Loss data by Hansen (2013) version 1.7 The forest loss layer was re sampled to a resolution of 100 and 1.000 meters. Dominant drivers were determined for the period 2008 to 2009.


get_fritz_et_al(resolution = 100)



An integer indicating the resolution to download. Defaults to 100.


A function that returns a character of file paths.


It indicates 9 different classes:

  • commercial agriculture

  • commercial oil palm plantations

  • managed forests

  • mining

  • natural disturbances

  • pasture

  • roads

  • wildfire

  • other subsistence agriculture

  • shifting cultivation


Steffen, F., Carlos, J.C.L., See. L., Schepaschenko D., Hofhansl F., Jung M., Dürauer M., Georgieva I., Danylo O., Lesiv M., McCallum I. (2022) A Continental Assessment of the Drivers of Tropical Deforestation With a Focus on Protected Areas. F.Cos.Sc.(3) doi:10.3389/fcosc.2022.830248